it begins with when a Franchise starts, they are given a "TERRITORY"

Each Territory consists of approx 1000 households

A Franchise in his Territory can self market and will get first right of refusal of any new work that comes in via the call centre.

A Franchise then sets up 2 additional work areas
- "Local Work Area" - these maybe the adjoining suburbs to take on additional work close to the territory
- "All Areas Work Area" - this maybe the adjoining postcodes to take on additional work not to far to the territory

A Franchise then selects what services (Jobs - ie Mowing, Gardening, Gutters etc) he wishes to offer services for and in what areas

A Franchise then tells the System when he is available to take the work

The Franchise is then allocated work based on what
- Areas he has chosen
- Services he wants to offer
- Times he is availalbe to take works

You end up with work, where you want it, the type of work you want and when you want it !

Franchise Opportunities at Jim's Mowing