How much will it cost to become a Jim's Mowing franchisee?

Franchise fee: Starting from $17,500

Typical total investment range: $35,000 - $50,000 with customer starter pack and all equipment & trailer supplied

The initial franchise investment is determined on a case-by-case basis. A Jim's Mowing Franchisor is happy to answer your questions. Be sure to ask the Franchisor about financing options.

The Business Types

Joining the Jim’s business requires the purchase of a franchise. The different types of businesses that can be purchased come with varying options and entry points.

New Businessess – Are typically sold in areas where we have high work loads, un-serviced work and insufficient franchise numbers, they come with approx. 1000 households in a territory, no client base and the Pay For Work Guarantee.

Client Starter Business ( Split ) – Are sold into most areas and are the most common entry point into the system. These are ideal businesses for somebody who wants to start a business, it gives you an initial regular data base income to which you can build into a full business (80-110 clients) The Clients that are part of a client starter pack come from an existing franchisee’s regular customer base, they come with approx. 1000 households in a territory, approx. 20 to 35 clients and with some businesses the Pay For Work Guarantee.

Re-Sale Business – Resales are where an existing franchise is selling his complete business an exiting the franchise, they come with approx. 1000 households in a territory, client numbers depending on what is being sold and in some cases 2nd hand equipment like trailers or ride on mowers .

Facts and Figures

Territory – We take into account many factors when determining your territory, such as where you live, where your current customers are located (if you are buying an existing business or client starter pack), the number of businesses and homes in the area, as well as any areas in which you would like to expand your business.

Existing business – Your existing business counts with us. If you have an existing business in the industry, you may qualify for a "re branding" option.

Start-up costs – Whether you're starting from scratch with the purchase of new equipment, trailers, supplies, and marketing expenses, or simply rebranding your current business, we'll help you calculate an investment based on your needs.

Convert Your Existing Businesses – We focus on helping business owners implement our tested systems and support to increase efficiency, and these systems are designed to increase profits & turnover.

Our Jim's Mowing Franchisors will discuss your options and help determine if you and Jim's Mowing are a good fit for each other. Please contact Jim's on 131 546 for additional investment information.

Franchise Opportunities at Jim's Mowing