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Jim’s Plus is designed for if at times we have any overflow work that our Franchises cant handle and as such, the work provided to a Jims Plus operator may cease without warning and completely dry up.

(As many have discovered)

Where we have over flow works, we are removing all paid advertising from that area and recruiting new franchises to take up the work loads that we can deliver

From an allocation perspective of the work that comes into Jim’s – the Jims Plus operators are the very last person that receives a Job – the jobs are allocated based on

1. Mowing Territory Holder
2. Other Mowing Franchises within the region
3. Other Mowing Franchises outside the region
4. Other Franchises in the Jim’s System that put down for cross divisional works
5. Jims Plus Operators

The total amount of work that filters down is around 10% of the total works in the Region (Central Coast, Newcastle & Hunter Region) for 2020

So imagine ….

1. How much work there actually is that flows in thru the Jims System to our Franchisees ?
2. Ever wondered why the Jim's Mowing Franchisees are so successful ?
3. Could your business do with the regular work flow and support ?

Have you ever considered a Re Branding Option and Joining Jims ?

You will get a heavily discounted price as a Jims Plus Operator – for less than $10000 (saving you $15000), you would get

- Franchise Territory
- Paperwork
- Training
- Stationary Pack
- Uniform Pack
- Safety Pack
- 3 months discounted fees
- 100 free leads

The only other costs you would incur would be
- Public Insurance via Jims - Approx $450
- Police Check Costs - Approx $50
- Stickers / Paint for Trailer or Ute if required

… complete the form below and ill give you a call to talk thru what that may look like – please note in message area – Jims Plus Pack


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