Running your own business is not like having a job, your earnings become variable, variables in what a franchisee can earn, vary depending on such things as

How many clients you have / want ?

How many clients per day you want to service ?

How geographically tight your work areas / clients are ?

The mix of clients you have ? - Residential vs Commercial

The type of equipment you use ?

How good you are at building Relationships with people ?

The amount of add on sales you gain from your clients ? ( ie pruning )

The amount of work leads you take from the system ?

What you want your business to look like ?

The services you offer ?

How hard you drive your business ?

A Typical Franchisee

Will run approx 90 to 100 Regular Customers .

This means that during the busy periods they are mowing around 10 lawns per day based on a 5 day week.

A Typical client has there lawns mowed between 17 to 20 times per year and is worth on average between $900 to $1400 per annum.

Based on the averages, a franchisee's business should turnover* somewhere between $81000 and $140000 per annum

** Note we have Franchisees that earn far more than this figure as well, every Franchise has the option to add staff, trailers at no additional costs from Jim's to there business and take the income to well over $200000
But - that is upto the franchisee and there is no guareentees as there are so many variables with every individual

These are provided as guides only – they are based on information at hand. You need to do your own research by asking existing franchisees for information. *Earnings are noted as monies Collected inc GST, before Expenses and Tax Payable


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