The Jim's Mowing discovery process is a thorough introduction to our brand that will equip you with everything needed to make an informed decision about investing in your future with our company.

Steps to Opening Your Own Jim's Mowing Franchise

Step 1 : Speak with a Franchisor

Once you complete our form to request more information, you will be contacted by the Franchisor for your area. They will answer your initial questions, identify the potential of a franchise in your ideal location, and work with you to see if the Jim's Mowing would be a solid investment opportunity.

Step 2 : Schedule A Meeting With The Local Franchisor

This meeting will provide you with a real snapshot of our business model, and further answer questions you may have regarding operations, technology, marketing, territory allocation and more.

Step 3 : Discovery Days / Further Your Research

During this time, you will continue to delve deeper into Jim's Mowing franchise operations. You’ll get to spend 2 days with our franchisees and see the systems in use and get a good feel for the people. This is also the time for all your questions to the franchises to get a reel feel for what you can expect.

The prospect of buying a franchise and changing your life is an incredibly exciting possibility. We require that you give the decision serious and mindful consideration.

Step 4 : Due Diligence

Discuss with the franchisor some business options , a list of franchisees will be provided to you. We strongly encourage you to contact existing Jim's Mowing franchise owners with a list of questions to ask about their experiences. You should also talk with your family, and make sure that you’re absolutely certain Jim's Mowing is right for you..

Step 5 : Melbourne Training Week

This is where you will spend the week at Jim's National office in Melbourne (a live in experience at Foothills convention centre in Mooroolbark) You will be taken through a program to get you buisness ready and cover such topics as Customer Service, Local Area Marketing, Quoting Techniques, System Overviews, WOH&S Requirements just to name a few.

Step 6 : Pre Document Works

Business Type, Territory, Equipment, Trailer, ABN, Police Check, PO Box, Bank Accounts are organised to allow the preperation of documents.

Step 7 : Documentation

Documents are generated and issued, these need to be held for 14 days before they can be signed. At this point, you may wish to do some additional training with our experienced operators. This is whare you fine tune your skills on the equipment to ensure at the commencement of your business venture, you deliver exceptional quality of works.

Step 8 : Opening of Your Franchise

Once you have signed the documentation & purchased a franchise, you will begin. The Sure Start training program commences and your Franchisor will work closely with you to guide you on your journey.

If you are considering the Jim's Mowing as a vehicle to reaching your financial, professional and personal goals, please contact us today.

Franchise Opportunities at Jim's Mowing