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Jims Mowing – Blue Haven North - I changed from plumbing because I was travelling to Sydney every day, tired all the time, losing time with my wife and children and not earning a decent wage for the amount of work I was putting in. We seen a jims mowing business for sale and thought we would give it a go and we haven't looked back.
Jims Mowing – Fern Bay - I am a trade shopfitter/joiner and was working within the building industry as a project manager and production manager for over 24 years. The last role I was in for just under 2 years was the worst workplace culture I had experienced, and was at the point where I did not want to go to work. I was coming home depressed and not enjoying my family time due to where I was working. I made the decision to do something for myself that would benefit myself and my family, giving me the flexibility to attend kids events
Jims Mowing – Kanwal - I left a role within the Senior Management Team of a boutique building management company. Starting my own business has been something that I have always wanted to do and the skills gained from dealing with tradies everyday and learning to manage competing priorities I thought it was time to make the jump whilst also being closer to my family
Jims Mowing – Booker Bay - Plant operator in civil construction. Wanted more flexibility to spend time with my family.
Jims Mowing – Clarence Town - Country Racecourse Manager – Away from home for 12 out of 14 days typically and although loved the job, needed to be closer to home and have the freedom of managing my own business and working hours as I see fit.
Jims Mowing – Warnervale - 10 years a plant mechanic had enough of working away from home
Jims Mowing – Blackwall - Sales Manager / Sales Trainer in consumer electronics. Left as it became a nasty, high stress environment plus I was away from home on average 7 nights per month.
Jims Mowing – Boat Harbour - Hotel Licensee After 30 years of dealing with drunks, druggies, and violent customers and 70-hour weeks I thought it was time for a change 😊👍
Jims Mowing - Cessnock - Butcher job became monotonous
Jims Mowing – Narara South - High school, needed a job so started as an offsider, 17yrs later
Jims Mowing Cameron Park – Chef - Hospitality industry is Tuff! Shit hours, working weekend's and night-time, and never time for myself or got to spend with family. BEST decision I ever made! Specially now Covid has hit!
Jims Mowing - Adamstown - Graphic Designer for over 20 years, needed to get away from 10-hour days in front of computer screen and spend more time with my family, should have done it 10 years ago.
Jims Mowing – Umina North - Printer
Jims Mowing – Buff Point - Plumbing store manager after 14 yrs on call 24/7 12 hr days needed to get my life back. Should have done it a long time ago
Jim’s Mowing – Mardi - 16 years of corporate life looking after franchisees & product management for Australia's largest BBQ company, commuting to Homebush every day (4hr round trip on a very good day), needed a new life before I lost the family. Same as others, just wished I had done it a decade before I did!
Jim’s Mowing – Elermore Vale - Under paid/overworked/unappreciated greenkeeper.
Jim’s Mowing – Tuggerah - Green keeper sick of travelling f3 6 days a week to Sydney
Jim’s Mowing – Gwandalan - Importer of spare parts for an Audio-Visual company/ Musician. Still active as a musician, well, when the big crook ends that is...
Jim’s Mowing – Blue Haven South - registered nurse of 24 years cardiology trained in cardiac robotics, no longer needed as I trained each hospital how to do the surgery, putting myself out of work. lol sick of the F3 travel and being away from my family.
Jim’s Mowing – Bateau Bay West - Pastry chef
Jim’s Mowing – East Gosford - A tree looper / accountancy degree/ never knew what I wanted to do but did enjoy the outdoors doing 12 yrs working for a sub contractor for ausgrid maintaining there vegetation around the powerlines. It ended up being plenty of hrs not getting paid for and getting up at 5 and getting home at 5 or 6 and getting paid for 8 hrs a day!! Like everyone has said wish I had started my business earlier but life is so much happier now!! I can go to my kids school carnivals, take days off when my boys are sick etc!! Life’s awesome but you still have to work hard being your own boss to benefit from the rewards which I love !
Jim’s Mowing – Aberdare - Retail for nearly 20 years and eventually worked my way up to the corporate side of retail working in Sydney while living on the coast. Travelling 1 hour and 50 minutes to work each way, working 12-15-hour days also and the job became frustrating! So here I am. 5 years into Jims mowing and would not change it for the world!!!!!!!
Jim’s Mowing – Point Clare - Started as an apprentice at age of 17. Telstra really looked after me providing brilliant training and opportunities around Australia. I was lucky enough to design, construct and project manage some of the biggest telco projects, such as the mobile network for the Olympic Games, the NSW Next G transmission network, NSW Dept of education network and many more. I had opportunity to be seconded to Ericsson & Alcatel over the years I was lucky enough to manage a big workforce (700 people) delivering optical connection to corporate customers. I ended my career with Telstra Wholesale building the networks for the other 104 carriers in Australia. After 30 years the big T provided an out and as I was looking for a change, I took the big step of leaving a great company and a better group of people.
Jim’s Mowing – Toronto - Mining and manufacturing doing shift work for 24 years. I needed a change from rotating shift work and more flexibility. Glad I made the change when I did.
Jim’s Mowing – Shelly Beach - Sales manager for 15 years travelling to Sydney and all over NSW. Living in motel rooms every 2nd week so family life suffered. Had to get out as just had enough of being away from home and the travel to Sydney. 5 years with Jims and I haven't looked back and will never go back to working for big corporates.

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