Already a Lawn Mowing Contractor ? Take your business to the Next Level.

Owning a business requires an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to working hard each and every day. As a Jim's Mowing business owner, you will need to posses key qualities and attributes that we look for in a franchisee.

At Jim's Mowing, we take pride in the fact that many of our franchisees are former independent “Lawn Contractors”. We know it takes a unique eye and skillset, proficient customer service experience, and sheer determination to build a successful Jim's Mowing business and sustain it.

We understand how much time you put into every part of your business, from doing the actual property care to marketing to equipment maintenance to payroll. There is so much to do!

What if we had a way to take the skill and talent you already have, and combine it with a system that builds you up and helps grow your business?
Being part of the Jim's Mowing team has many benefits including

Accessing the advertising power and lead generation system that delivers thousands upon thousands of new jobs each year. Its estimated that this work is in excess of $92 Million per year with around $20 Million of that not been able to be serviced - this is work that you could be earning an income from
Being part of a Network that offers support, back up, leave coverage support, systems, WHO&S guidance, buying power, security, brand recoginition plus so much more
Sell off parts of your existing business that form client starter packs and gain cash injections to update equipment, rennovate the house, take a holiday or even buy a boat !
When its time to exit the industry, have the backing of Jim's to sell your business making sure you get a true reflection of value, for the years of time & effort in building your business
Enquire about the special re-branding packages that are availalbe


Franchise Opportunities at Jim's Mowing