We understand you have many options when it comes to choosing a path to business ownership. We truly believe that the Jim's Mowing has the absolute best resources to help you succeed in reaching your financial, professional, and personal goals.

About the Jim's Mowing

It was two weeks before Christmas 1982...

I was thirty years old and a failure. I had failed in my academic career. Now my business had failed. I lost my house, and was saddled with a $30,000 debt. All that I had left was my Kingswood (by now rather battered), a small trailer, and a mower and brush cutter on their last legs. Obviously I had no talent for business and probably not much for anything else either..

And yet something did change, the oldest and simplest thing in the world. I got married. I knew I had to buckle down and work hard to get out of the mess I was in. And somehow I knew I could.

Working for someone else was never an option. My only course was to go back into business for myself. The only business I knew was mowing lawns.

About the money...

My start up capital was $24: $4 in Letraset from the local newsagent, and $20 for a short run of leaflets. Felicity and I spent the next few days pushing the leaflets into letter boxes. Then we waited for the phone to ring.

By January (just 1 month later) I was turning over $500- $600 per week (remember this was nearly 30 years ago in 1982), enough to cover debt repayments and living expenses...

By January (just 1 month later) I was turning over $500- $600 per week (remember this was nearly 30 years ago in 1982), enough to cover debt repayments and living expenses...

After rain the air is fresh, and the smell of grass and gum leaves sharp and unforgettable. It can even be pleasant to work in a misty drizzle, so long as you are wrapped up well and know how to direct grass into the catcher.

Then there was the work itself. I would go into a place with unkept lawn and weed infested garden. A few hours later, it was a place to take pride in. My customers were impressed, and many gave me extra money. I vividly remember one customer saying, I never knew my lawn could look so good. Some of my customers even became friends..


Commitment, Quality, Integrity: For more than 25 years, Jim's Mowing has built upon Founder Jim Penman's uncompromising commitment to serving our customers. Keeping true to his vision provides Jim's Mowing with a competitive advantage and allows us to build a strong national brand based on keeping promises and exceeding expectations."..

We believe that this commitment to the customer differentiates Jim's Mowing from other national brands. It’s the basis of a competitive advantage that has given us a major presence in every state we operate in, enabling us to serve hundreds of thousands customers...


What We Do

Jim's Mowing is a full-service garden care company serving residential and commercial customers.

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